You Are Not Alone...

Help and Hope

Mississippi Al-Anon Family Groups

when someone else’s drinking is
part of the problem...


al-anon can help


Service Al-Anon's Invitation to You


We invite you to try our program.
At Al-Anon meetings, you will meet other people facing the same problems you


In Al-Anon, we begin to recover from the effects of being close  to an
alcoholic. We do this by sharing our experiences with others. As we begin to
understand the family disease of alcoholism, we are better able to handle our
problems and  improve our lives.


You can gain support and understanding by listening and speaking with others at Al-Anon meetings.


In Al-Anon, you are no longer alone.                                         

We urge you to Contact the nearest Al-Anon Family Group.


No Dues or Fees. Our meetings are free. We meet our group expenses by passing the basket. All contributions are